5 Proven Ways to Generate Ideas for your Blog Posts and YouTube Videos

Digital Marketing these days is all about the content you generate for your audience. The idea of content marketing is for you to produce content (blogs, videos, PDF, courses etc.) that shows your audience that you are an expert on your field which will lead them to trust you, therefore, they will buy from you. When you are selling services, this is the way to go as it acts as a taster of what you can offer.

Maintaining a blog and social media channels as lead generation tools means that you need to create content on a regular basis but how do you come up with ideas on what to write all the time?

Here is what the techniques I use that keep my idea bucket full.

1- Talk to your clients

Talk to some of your clients and ask them what kind of content they will like to learn. This one seems obvious but it many of us forget that the best source of inspiration is those who have already trusted us. Ask them where are they getting stuck or if there is a topic they are still not clear. You will be surprised at the kind of questions people ask and how easy would be for you to answer them.

2- Search in Facebook groups

Join Facebook groups that are similar to your business and see what questions they are asking there. Are there any topics they want to learn? I usually like to look for the posts that are the most popular and take that as a topic for me to address.

3- Comments on competing websites

Go to comments on blogs or websites that have topics like yours and read what their audience writes to see if there is anything that you are missing. I even look at the blog posts that have been popular and write my spin on it. Different people have different learning styles, so maybe your way of teaching things works better for people that the way your competitor does.

4- Film your FAQ

If you have an FAQ on your website or blog, film the questions and the answer. Each issue can be a video. I like to use these videos also to send to my clients when I receive the questions over email. It makes things more clear to my clients and my life easier.

5- Use the Keyword Planner tool

Google has a fantastic tool inside Google Adwords call the Keyword Planner tool. You can use this tool to generate new keyword ideas based on another keyword. It is a bit tricky to use, but if you would like me to explain to you how to use it, please send me a note on my contact page. I will happily create something for you.

If you work with a Virtual Assistant, you can assign them this task once a month, so the list is always there for you. If you are currently working on your own, then I recommend for you to assign one day a month to do this research. I like to plan once a month on topics, so it is not overwhelming the rest of the month on what I am going to post. I will be creating more posts about hacking the social media production soon. Stayed tuned!

If you would like to download this info so you can print it and have it handy while doing your research, then go to the link below.

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