Free & Low-Cost Online Video Editor for Beginners

Nowadays there are many ways to promote your business and your brand using social media. Youtube, Facebook video and Instragram videos are a fantastic tool as it helps people see not only your knowledge in a particular topic but also your personality. A video will help you separate yourself from the competition as it creates a more personal touch to your campaigns than any other channel. Many people shy away from videos because of the belief that is too time-consuming and expensive. The truth is that it does not take more time than any other marketing campaign and it could be done inexpensively. You could film using your phone and edit using free or very low-cost tools.

Here are some inexpensive tools that you can use to edit your videos.

Do it Yourself Video Editors (Free Option):

You will need to learn a bit about how to use these tools, but it is worth it. Mostly if you do not have much money or are testing the waters with video.

iMovie for Mac

It is free! You can cut your videos, add music, add graphics to your videos. There is some learning involved, but it is super easy. iMovie is the best no-cost option if you have a Mac computer. Here is the link to download it if you don’t have it.

Windows Movie Maker:

It is a free video editor for Windows Computer. You can do fewer things than with the iMovie, but you can achieve the basic things that you need to edit videos for your business. It is very intuitive and easy to learn. Here is the link to download it.

Hire others to do it (Low-Cost option):

I will suggest this option if you have some budget and you are familiar with managing people. There are good freelancers in this websites that can do things well but others that are not so good. You need to be super clear on what your expectations are and the quality you want to achieve. Here are some platforms that I recommend.


It is a marketplace where you can hire a freelancer to help you edit your videos. You tell people how much you are willing to pay and the people willing to do it for that price will contact you. The minimum is $5. I will recommend for you to make sure you go through all the portfolios before hiring. You can visit Fiverr in this link


Upwork is another freelancer platform. You can find people here that can help you out for a reasonable price. I will highly recommend you to set a flat fee for the project. I do not recommend the hourly rate as this could increase cost quickly. You can visit Upwork here.

Videos are a great way to promote your business and brand. There are many ways to do it inexpensively and easily so do not need to shy away from it. I will be posting more tips on how to work with these free platforms so you can start rocking your audiences with video.

If you have any questions or if there is a topic you will like to learn let me know on the comments below. If you enjoyed this article give it a thumbs up. More coming up.