Work with Me

Attract Your Ideal Clients and build your tribe on YouTube while earning more with a stronger online brand. Simplify your video marketing (and your life) in 60 days.


 So What do I do?

I will help you build a professional YouTube Channel that builds trust with your audience and attracts your ideal paid clients. I will coach you on my simple (yet effective) process to produce videos that get you leads and paid clients that are fun to work with. You will run a simple (yet effective) video marketing for your business in the second most popular website (after Google) of the web: YouTube Focus on the things that matter most.

It’s not the bells and whistles that sell, but a customer’s confidence that you can do what you say you will. That’s all people want anyway. Trust. @DIY Marketer


So why Work with me?

1. Quality over Quantity - I believe in helping you attract an audience that’s relevant for your business.

2. Reach + Resonance - I believe in ensuring your audience has a clear understanding about what you do when they land on your channel.

3. Real Genuine Connections - I believe in helping you create a genuine way to connect with customers and build your credibility (‘first date’ opt-in visible, ‘amuse bouche’)

4. Humanized Approach - You’re in the people business and deserve a visibility plan that’s human too.

5. Simple + Effective - Your strategies for an amazing Youtube presence and the channel will be only the most essential and effective way to reach your goals. It’s precise and focused so that you can spend more of your time doing what you love. I will give you quick and easy wins to kickstart your video marketing from the moment you start working with me.

How Can We Work together? Simple.

There are three ways that we could work together:


1 on 1 coaching.

You will get my exclusive attention with this one.

  • 8 personal coaching sessions

  • Video Answer to any of your questions in between sessions

  • I will teach you my process while implementing most of it for you. I will leave you small homework after each session to make sure that you grabbed the concepts.

  • A personalized video for your channel with instructions for you or your VA on what to do to optimize your videos moving forward.

  • A video content plan for the next 2 months that has optimized titles and descriptions.

  • Optional: Any design services that you need for your YouTube Channel or videos (i.e Banner, thumbnails, Watermark design)

  • Bonus: I will set up Google Analytics goals and have a Session on Analytics so you can learn how to make marketing decisions with your data instead of winging it. Learn to see if your marketing efforts are working or if they need tweaks. No more taken decisions blindly. I got you!

If you think this option might be for you, let’s have a chat. No commitments. Let’s see if there is a match or if maybe another one of my products is for you. I promise no awkwardness or weird sales techniques if we are not a match. Let’s have a genuine simple chat.


👇Choose a Time that Works for You Below 👇



Group Coaching

We will work together with a group of other committed individuals to get their YouTube Channel to the next level. Here is what you would get

  • 6 Group Coaching sessions.

  • 3 Q&A live sessions to cover any questions that emerge during the sessions or the homework.

  • Weekly assignments so you improve your YouTube channel and videos every week. You will have small (yet effective) actionable items so you can see progress every week.

  • Real-time feedback from me and from the amazing community that will help you take your brand in YouTube to the next level. See how others see you and your brand. This group will keep you accountable to your commitment to getting your YouTube Channel to the next level.

  • Email support for any of your questions. I will produce a video with the answer to some of your questions and post them into our group to make sure everyone benefits from the answer.

  • Access to amazing designers with YouTube experience that you can hire if you wish.

  • Bonus live session on analytics so you can learn how to make marketing decisions with your data instead of winging it. Learn to see if your marketing efforts are working or if they need tweaks. No more taken decisions blindly.

  • Recorded video with all the must-haves to optimize your videos and your channel so you can share it with your VA so you can outsource some of the work efficiently.



Self-Paced Program

This one is perfect if you are just starting on your YouTube journey or would like to improve your current Youtube strategy and would like to work at your own pace but still would like some accountability. You will get with this one:

  • 4 recorded sessions with the most powerful yet effective strategies to get your Channel and your videos to the next level.

  • Anytime email access to me.

  • Access to the Facebook community for feedback and questions. I and the community will keep you accountable with your journey and your commitment to making a better


Not ready to start or would like to try first on your own? No problem. Check my blog for tips and tricks to Essentialist Video Marketing